Deciding what to do with your makeup in the morning when you might only have five or ten minutes to get ready can be a bit stressful. However, there is one rule I like to follow with my makeup when I am on a time crunch: the One Part Focus rule. Essentially, this means you just focus on one aspect of your face and leave the rest of your makeup minimal. This way you aren’t spending too much time on your entire face, and you are just focusing more on one part. Here are my tips to achieving a look using the One Part Focus rule.


For me, I tend to select my eyes as the focus quite often. I have naturally long lashes and big eyes, so I prefer to keep them the center stage. For days I decided to do so, it’s all about the mascara and eyeliner. You don’t have to do a full smokey eye to make your eyes the focus of the look. Here is what I do.

I start off by lining the outer edges of upper and lower water line with a creamy black eyeliner. Then I will take a warm brown shade and run it through my crease for a little bit of definition. I like to add a shimmery eyeshadow (sometimes I just use my face highlighter) all over the lid, really focusing it on the inner corner, so that my eyes look brighter and more awake. Sometimes I like to add a think line of liquid liner on my upper lash line (you can learn to do this really quickly after a little bit of practice), and then I always top it off with a bunch of mascara. Of course, I always like to have a strong brows on these days too.

Since my eyes are the main focus of the look, I keep it pretty simple with my face. I just apply a little bit of concealer under my eyes and on any spots, dust some powder over my t-zone to set my face, and then top my lips off with some lip balm.


Another section I will focus on is my face. For this, I tend to need upwards of ten minutes to complete the look, but it is worth it.

I start off with a long-lasting foundation all over my skin (I tend to use a brush as apposed to my beloved Beauty Blender because it’s quicker) and concealer under my eyes. I will set everything with powder light powder and then start sculpting.

Since the face is the focus, I like to focus on my cheeks a lot too. I will contour my cheeks, forehead, and jaw line with a cool-toned bronzer, sweep some blush on my cheeks, and then top it off with some highlighter.

Then I do my brows and just apply a little bit of mascara because I love mascara, and then I am done!


This is probably the quickest part of the face to focus on, so if you are in a real time crunch, this is the way to go. I start off by just applying a little concealer and powder over my face. Then I will do my brows (i tend to go for a bolder brow when doing a bold lip) and, of course, some mascara.

Moving on to the lips, since it is the focus, I will use a lip liner first to make sure my lips are perfect and to help the lip product last longer, and then I will go in with a vibrant lip color (red, coral, pink, maroon, etc.). After applying the color, I will just place a tissue over my mouth and dust some powder over my lips to set the product.


Molly Steckler

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