Once the weekend rolls around the corner, you begin to realize the havoc that has been placed on yourself during the week. Don’t worry. All you need is a little TLC, and you will be back to normal in no time. Today I will be discussing my favorite ways to “treat yo self” mentally and physically.

Step 1: Open Up Your Pores

To begin the body detox, I like to take a quick hot shower to open up my pores so that they are ready for cleans.

Step 2: Apply Hair Mask

Hair masks are quite neglected, but so incredibly helpful for dealing with frizzy, dry, or unruly hair. Take your favorite hair mask and apply it to the lengths of your hair after stepping out of the shower. Then, if your hair is long enough, tie it up in a bun so that it is out of your face.

Step 3: Make Some Tea

There is nothing I find more calming than a hot cup of tea in the evening. Poor yourself a cup of detoxifying to so that you’re not only detoxifying the outside of your body, but also your inside.

Step 4: Cleanse and Mask

While you wait for the tea bag to soak, cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser, and then apply a face mask. Use water kind of mask you need for your skin type: detoxifying, poor minimizing, hydrating, lifting, soothing, etc.

Step 5: Sip Your Tea and Relax

At this point, I will sit myself down and turn on a movie as I drink my tea and wait for my masks to do their magic.

Step 6: Wash Off Masks

When you reach a good stopping point for your movie, hop in the shower and rinse off your face mask and hair mask. Then go in and shampoo and conditioner your hair to make sure your hair is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 7: Drink Your Tea and Relax

Now that your masks are all done, rub some lotion all over your body, pull on some comfy clothes, and sit yourself back down to finish up your movie for the evening.

Molly Steckler



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