August is always a weird month for me because the first half of my month is considered summer, while the second half is considered school. Looking back at my running list of favorites from the beginning of the month, it seems like summer was months away. With that being said, I enjoyed reminiscing on my favorite end of summer things. Here are just a few.

Fashion Piece: Western-inspired Hat


I purchased this hat from Nordstrom Rack last summer, having full intended to wear it quite frequently. That didn’t really happen. I decided to break it out at the end of this summer,  and I undoubtedly regret not pulling it out sooner. Hats can be that “third piece” an outfit needs to turn it from just a top and a bottom to a complete look.

Clothing Store: Anthropology

My mom loves this store, and I was never really a big fan of it until recently. In the past few months, I have been focusing more of my time on fashion as apposed to makeup and beauty. Thus, I have come to appreciate new trends and unique pieces. One thing I really love about Anthropology is how unique everything is. They sell interesting and different pieces that you really can’t find anywhere else. I recently found a top there that is TO DIE for.

Makeup Product: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal

Photo credit:

I purchased a travel size of this liquid highlighter while I was at Sephora, wanting to try a liquid highlighter for the longest time. Now I am in love. I love the lit-from-within look it gives to the face, and it is great for layering under powdered highlighters for blinding cheekbones. I will definitely be picking up the full size once I am finished with my travel one.

Trip: Miami, FL


This past month, I visited Miami for the first time, specifically South Beach. It was definitely one of my favorite trips this summer because of how unique of an experience it was. I had never been to a city with so many languages spoken in one place as I walked down the street. I had never heard German or French being spoken fluently, as well as other languages I couldn’t even recognize. It was definitely a really cool experience.  I also got to see Versace’s mansion and the most amazing little bookstore, so I was in heaven.


To Build A Home: The Cinematic Orchestra (feat. Patrick Watson) – I have come to realize commercials can have quite killer music in the background.

Say No To This: Jasmine Chephas-Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda) – Jasmine’s voice is just stunning in this song.

Aaron Burr, Sir (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr.) – Smacking myself on the forehead for not appreciating this song sooner.

Movies: Mistress America; The Martian

Mistress America: I will say, shamelessly, that the only reason I decided to watch this movie was because Jasmine Chephas-Jones was in it. It was a movie I never heard of, but I decided to give it a go, and it has become one of my new favorites. The screenplay was written by Greta Gerwig, a fantastic actor and writer. It was a bit quirky and the dialogue was so eloquently and hilariously written. It was definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

The Martian: Finding this movie on HBO Go towards the end of my summer, I decided to finally watch it. I had no idea what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. The comical bits were fantastic (“I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.”) and Matt Damon is a phenomenal actor in the show. I’ve been disappointed by many space movies in the past, so I’m glad I really liked this one.

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