Lip Smacker lip gloss was the first makeup produce I ever tried when I was a little girl. To be blunt, I have come a long way from there as far as lip products go. They still hold a special place in my heart, though. One of my favorite accessories in the fall time are dark lips. Not only do the cool tones make your teeth look more white, but they are great for adding a punch to any outfit. Today I will be discussing several of my go-to lip colors for the fall and winter months.

First, we will be starting of with my favorite Mac Lipstick in Cyber. This dark purple lip color is the perfect shade; not too dark that it looks black, but dark enough to pop. I love the Mac lipsticks because they are so comfortable to wear and smell super yummy. They may not last the longest, but they are my favorite. Even though matte lips are the big trend right now, sometimes I just want to wear a comfortable creamy, satin lipstick.



If I ever want to go for something a little bit darker, I like to use the NYX Liquid Sued Lipstick in Club Hopper. For those liquid lipstick lovers, here is your option. I love this line of liquid lipsticks, in general. They are super comfortable and not very drying on the lips. I love wear a super dark liquid lipstick for a more edgy vibe.

Lips 2-1.jpg


If I want something a little more neutral or mauve, my go-to is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion. This is a more lightweight liquid lipstick that is super easy to apply. Most liquid lipsticks take me a good three to five minutes to apply but, this one is super easy. I would recommend any of the colors in the line, but this is my favorite one.

The last color I have is for those days when you just want something a little brighter. The Revlon Balm Stain in Honey is my go-to all year around, and great for the fall and winter if I want a pink. This is a little bit of a darker, warm toned pink color that you can still pull off as a dark-ish color in the fall. I love how easy these balm stains are to apply, and they last for a super long time since they are a stain.


Thank You

Huge shout out to Christ Bibat for taking the cover photo and the first four photos in this post. He is a stellar photographer! Find more of his work here:

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