Happy New Years, friends! Today’s blog post is dedicated to a few of my favorite winter trends this season. I will also be giving suggestions on how to style these different pieces, especially since a few of them are a bit out there. Grab some hot chocolate and a pen and paper, and take note.

Over the Knee Boots

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These sleek and edgy boots are a perfect addition to any winter outfit. Last season’s cold weather brought riding boots, but this year it’s all about elongating the leg with over the knee boots. You can find them either with a chunky heal for a night out or a flat heel for daytime wear. They are great paired with dresses and skirts to keep your legs extra warm in the cold weather. What I love most about these boots is that they can be very neutral and simple, but still add a ‘wow’ factor to the look. Pair it with a very simple dress, and the outfit instantly becomes high fashion street style. I recommend picking up the ones with the little ties behind the knees so that you can adjust it to your leg width and not risk having them fall down your legs while out and about.

Fur Coat

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These coats can be great stand-out pieces in an outfit. I find that one trouble with trends is that they often are covered up with a heavy coat because let’s be honest, it’s really cold and you need a coat. The great thing about this trend that it is the coat is the trend! Fur coats are great statement pieces that can be added over the top of outfits with neutral color pallets. It makes a great contrast with a skinny jeans and tight top kind of outfit. Typically they are a pastel pink or cream color, which is a nice change from the typical dark grey or black coats that occupy most people’s closets.


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This is a trend I never could see myself getting behind, but I really love it now. It is a great material that pairs wonderfully with other winter fabrics. It’s gives an edgier vibe to any look, whether it’s a tank top, boots, or a dress. Make the piece the focal point of the look, or just layer it under other pieces for a pop of color or texture.

Turtle / Cowl Neck Sweaters

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It’s always convenient when style is both trendy and functional. Turtle necks are back this season to keep your necks warm and look fashionable. These types of tops can go two different ways. You can either wear a giant comfy sweater with a turtle or cowl neck and pair it with some skinnies and a simple coat, or tuck a tight fit sweater into jeans or a skirt. Both ways are comfy and cute and will definitely keep you warm on colder days. I really like the high fashion look a tight fitting turtle neck can give to a look.

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