Spring Stripes

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A casual bold striped piece can add a relaxed or semi-professional vibe depending on how you style it. In light blue colors, it can also add a cool, nautical touch to any spring outfit. Make the stripes a standout piece in an outfit as a button up or pants or utilize them as a neutral to be pared with other fun spring patterns. I’ve always loved the look of white jeans with a loose button up striped top! Bonus: The vertical stripes will make you look taller!

Khaki / Nude

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Think Kim Kardashin-West for this kind of look. The all nude outfit trend was everywhere on the runway for the spring season. I have always been a fan of monochrome (all one color pallet) outfits, so I’m excited to see how this one plays out. However you want to do it, with a nude dress and pumps for fancy occasions, rolled up khaki pants and a nude sweater for every day, or a nude skirt and top for a night out with girlfriends. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, this look can look chic and edgy however you like to wear it.

White Over-Sized Shirt Dress / Sweatshirt

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Embrace the return of white after a long winter of darks with an over-sized shirt dress. I think that the over-sized trend is a great way to make your look more high fashion, and it is super easy to accomplish. It’s a great twist on the men’s inspired trend too. Don’t waist your time looking for a shirt that is purposefully over-sized in the women’s department. Jump over to the men’s department instead. Try out different styles and find what you feel most confident in, and add a belt if you want to accentuate your waist. This trend looks really great with stand-out shoes and accessories since you are just pairing it with a simple template.


picture 5
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I have to admit, ruffles are a bit intimidating to myself and a lot of people. There is a fear that ruffles can easily go a bit little kid-ish. To avoid this, focus more on the seventies style riffles with big sleeves or Victorian era with ruffled neck lines. If you style ruffles right, they can look very cool and trendy. I love the added details of ruffles to soft colored tops. I think it is a interesting trend that works great with the dainty color pallet and styles of the spring season. Give it a go with a high neck line top or off the shoulder. Take a leap of faith. Try a ruffle top and see what you can do with it. It is a cute, dainty piece that can look really high fashion and cool.

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