With so many music festivals and concerts this summer, there is no better place to try out fun and a little out there trends you don’t quite feel comfortable testing on any regular day. It’s the perfect time to go a little extra on your look because I know for me, getting ready is half the fun. Take a look at my five tips for upgrading your festival looks this summer.


Layer Your Jewelry

You might have heard the advice from your mother or your grandmother to take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house, right? Well, that rule definitely doesn’t apply in this setting. Feel free to go a little crazy with jewelry. Slip on a few extra rings to your fingers, layer on a couple more necklaces around your neck, or stack a few extra bracelets onto your wrists. I think this is a really cool way to experiment with jewelry in a setting where there is no such think as too much. Have fun mixing metals, sizes, and shapes! (Just make sure you aren’t wearing your grandmother’s pearls or your thousand dollar Tiffany’s necklace because jewelry can easily get lost or break!)

Try A Bodysuit

Have you yet to wear that bodysuit you bought at the beginning of year? Now is a great time to wear it. While it’s fun to go all out with your wardrobe, functionality is equally as important. Bodysuits are the perfect way to go if you don’t what your shirt flying around or constantly coming untucked. You can find so many incredible styles from places like charlotterusse.com, boohoo.com, and many other places. Just find a fun style you like (and make sure it snaps or is removable in some way at the bottom to making bathroom breaks way easier) and pair it with your favorite pair of denim shorts. With one-piece swim suits coming back into style too, feel free to try that with a pair of denim shorts. Take risks because it’s fun and it will pay off.

 Bold Sunglasses


Continuing with the fashionability (Is that a word? I’m using it anyway.) and functionality, there is no better time to wear your favorite, wild sunglasses. Whether they are massive cat-eyes or bright mirrored sunnies, take them to the festival with you. Colorful sunglasses are a really fun way to amp up your look, as well as protect your eyes from the sun so you can actually see all day long. (Again, don’t wear your $100 sunglasses unless you are willing to risk loosing or breaking them.)

Statement Belts

I have to admit my collection of belts is quite pitiful at the moment. (It’s just not my accessory of choice.) However, the idea of wearing a statement belt to a festival sounds like a great idea to me. I typically like to tuck at least part of my shirt into the shorts or skirt I am wearing, so why not take advantage of that exposed belt buckle area? Don’t feel like you have to go full blown cowgirl if you don’t want to, just find a belt you like with a little something extra on the buckle. Like I said, it’s all about experiment styles you never tried before.

Hair Do-Dads

Hair accessories might not be an everyday occurrence for you, so why not have some fun at your music festival? Tie a bandanna in a not around your head and throw your hair up in a bun (Note: A perfect way to get your hair off your neck), or top off your look with a dainty, floral crown (make sure to bobby pin to your hair so it doesn’t fly out). You can even layer bobby pins in a cool design or use bold barrettes. There is no such thing about being a little extra?

What are your go-to looks for festival season?

Photo Credit: Morgan Flowers (Instagram – @fotosbyflowers ; Website – http://www.fotosbyflowers.wordpress.com)
Posted by:mollysteckler

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