If you are anything like me, you are running out the door five minutes after you were suppose to leave, barely some breakfast in your stomach, and praying your phone is somewhere in your purse, not still sitting on the table at home charging. An avid lover of sleeping in, the always-in-a-rush lifestyle has become my way of life. I’ve learned a thing here and there about making sure I look presentable if I have limited time in the morning.

Save Pictures On Your Phone of Pre-Planned Outfits…The last thing you want to do in the morning is spend ten minutes looking through your closet for an outfit. Worst yet, you don’t want to come back home after and exhaustive day at work or school with a pile of clothes on the floor due to your indecisiveness that morning. Spend an afternoon browsing through all of your clothes. Put together looks that you love and that you want to try and take a picture of yourself. Either print them out or keep them on your phone for easy access. Then when a stressful morning comes around, whip out those pictures and you will be on your way.

Use Your Makeup To Brighten Your FaceI love makeup just as much (or even more than) the next girl, but I never have much time to do my make in the morning. I recommend focusing on the base so you aren’t spending so much time. You’re probably tired and regretting staying up late to watch a few more episodes of Friends (Trust me honey, I am the same way.), so use a foundation or just a concealer that blends nicely into your skin (I recommend this concealer) and something bright for under your eyes (this corrector is great). Then bronze the skin with a little bronzer (a natural, easy to blend bronzer I love) around the perimeter of your face and some highlighter (a great drugstore option) on your cheeks. To keep the eyes simple, just brush your highlighter over your lids and add mascara (this one lifts and separates very well). The whole focus is to add light and life to your face and to make it look brighter.

Skip The Heat Styling Tools, And Do A BraidChances are, you didn’t have time to take a shower that morning or spend time blow drying, curling, or straightening your hair. A simple solution is to do a fun braid. My go to is a large dutch braid around the side of the my head and then pulling it into a loose bun at the back. Not only will your hair hold the braid better since it has less slip to it, but they can look like your really spent time on your hair. If you can french braid in a snap, then by all means french braid. Need some ideas for braids? Watch this video by Aspyn Ovard with a bunch of great, quick styles.

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