We all find inspiration from different people in our lives. Whether it’s a friend, a TV character, a celebrity, or anyone else, just taking a look through their outfits can reinvent your idea of possible. Today I will be talking abut a few people who inspire my everyday style. I have tons of outfit pictures on my phone just so I can look back at them when I need to. So here are the gems who inspire me…

Tess Christine

I have been subscribed to Tess’ YouTube channel for a number of years now. She creates great content all about fashion and lifestyle, and living in New York City (goals, right?!). The reason I love her style so much is because it is so effortless. Every look is so easy yet put together. She also loves her basics, like denim. You could find her in the same denim shorts in a couple different looks, yet styled in so many different ways. I describe her style as a classic and edgy vibe with pops of girly ever so often. Her aesthetic in general is really cool and chic, and I love her looks all year around.

picture 1
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picture 3
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picture 2
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Michelle Reed

Another YouTuber, I have really fallen in love with her style in the last six months. She goes to school in New York, which I have noticed to have rubbed off on her style a little bit. One thing I really like is that she is a more modest dresser than a lot of people, but she makes it look really cute. Her style is a kind of chic, girl next door vibe that is really cute.

picture 5
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picture 6
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picture 7
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Drew Scott

I know it seems odd to put a guy in my list, but he truly is. His aesthetic is very simplistic and clean, which I really love. I feel that I can apply his style to a number of my looks. He is a photographer who also has a YouTube channel and a blog where he posts so many inspiring looks. He definitely sticks to his blacks and whites a lot (me too!) with pops of color here and there. He adds a modern twist that encourages me to challenge myself in my looks and try something a little different than what I’m use to.

picture 8
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picture 9
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picture 10
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Who inspires your fashion? Comment bellow.

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