There is something so strangely intriguing about finding out what someone days in an average day. That’s probably why vlog channels are so popular on YouTube these days. I recently read an article where someone basically took a snapshot of their week (like a vlog) and typed it up into an article. Curiously, I decided to do the same. May days tend to vary quite a bit depending on whether I have my internship, my part time job, or both, but here is a snapshot of a typical Wednesday for me.

8:37am – My mom and I got up late this morning. I don’t really have an excuse other than liking to sleep and hating mornings. I jump out of bed and quickly wash my face with a Philosophy cleanser and brush my teeth.

8:42am – Time to apply Neutrogena face serum, Clean & Clear moisturizer, Neutrogena sunscreen (a new addition to my routine because skin cancer is not fun), and deodorant.

8:45am – I put on a black denim button up skirt, a pale tank top, and some white sneakers. I also quickly throw on some makeup, consisting of Maybelline concealer, Rimmel London powder, Physician’s Formula bronzer, Becca highlighter (cheekbones as well as eyelids for a wash of color), Elf brow powder (a real drugstore gem), and L’Oreal mascara.

8:50am – I have my breakfast laid out from the night before in preparation for being in a rush and not being able to function in the morning. I slice a banana and heat up my oatmeal. My black tea is all ready in my thermos, so I grab my water bottle and prepared lunch from the fridge. My mom and I rush to get in the car and leave.

9:00am – I listen to BBC news every morning at 9am. It makes me feel more informed.

9:05am – I drop my mom off at work and head to my internship (I am an editorial Intern for The Saturday Evening Post!).

9:25am – Arrive at my internship and settle myself in. I just moved cubicles so I spend a few minutes going through everything the previous person left behind. I found 9 packets of Tace Bell sauce and four computer mice. I also found a blank notepad (score!).

9:35am – I begin working on the social medias myself and the other intern run for the magazine. We just started them about a month ago, and I just found out how to look at the analytics for them.

10:00am – I get a notification from College Fashionista that my latest article just went live. (I am also a Style Guru writer for College Fashionista. Check out my latest article here!) I take a second to check it out and share it on Twitter before going back to my work.

12:30pm – Lunch break. The other intern isn’t here today, so I eat my lunch while listing to the Ted Radio Hour (my nerd is showing!).

1:20pm – I get back from lunch and start working on an article I am writing for the magazine’s website (stay tuned!).

2:15pm – I stay a little later so I can finish my second draft of the article, and then I email it to the editor, and pack up to leave.

2:45pm – I arrive at my mom’s work and read Pride and Prejudice while I wait for my mom.

3:00pm – We drive home.

3:15pm – We arrive home, I eat a quick snack, and then dress for my second job in jeans, a t-shirt, and supportive tennis shoes. It’s not quite time for me to leave yet, so I look up a workout to do for when I get home.

3:40pm – I leave for work.

3:55pm – Arrive at work. I work in a warehouse, so it’s a lot of moving carts, putting bags away, scanning things, and talking with my co-works about how hot it is.

8:00pm – I finish my job and drive home. The sun always looks really pretty when I leave at this time. I super sweaty, but I have a lot of energy. 8:00pm is my prime time.

8:15pm – I arrive home and put on workout clothes. I thought I was going to do a let workout, but I’m very much in the mood to run. For some reason I feel super motivated to go for a run every time I get home from work, so I take full advantage.

8:30pm – Evenings are the best time for me to run because it’s not as hot. I love that days last longer in the summer because I have more time to run outside. I do just a short run today because I am hungry and want to eat dinner. 3.1 miles.

9:00pm – I sit on my floor dying because it was still pretty hot out. I drink some water and scroll through my Twitter.

9:15pm – I finally build up the energy to go shower. I wash my face with the same cleanser in the shower.

9:50pm – I get out of the shower and apply Organix hair oil and L’Oreal hair cream (I am very proud of myself for limiting my hair products down so much.) I also apply my same serum and moisturizer that I used in the morning. I top it off with a little eye cream.

10:10pm – I Facetime my friend Audrey almost every day, so I do that while I make myself some dinner.

11:00pm – Audrey and I say goodnight, and I pop in a Harry Potter movie (currently doing a Harry Potter marathon). One of my favorite things to do over the  summer is watch all my favorite movies.

1:20pm – It’s late, and I’m getting really tired once the movie is done, so I go up to bed. Of course I scroll through my phone before I actually fall asleep.



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