Are you a lover of all things aesthetically pleasing or minimalistic? This is for you. Whether it’s school supplies or room decorations, I find aesthetic to make a big difference in how I do my work. Have a clean and simple work spake can prevent destractions and having fun artwork can keep me inspired. Whatever your taste, here are a few things you can do for a minimalistic and chic year at school.

 Start Collecting For A Wall Gallery

Wall galleries can make a big difference when it comes to room aesthetic. It’s a way to display your personal style and turn a basic room into something more like a home. there is no real rime or reason to wall galleries other than displaying what you love. I like to start off with a theme. Is it going to be very minimalistic with neautral shades or will I stick to girly pastels. Come up with a theme and start working around that.

Find your favorite prints online and put them in fun frames. Go to your local thrift store and pick up a few super cheep frames. Sand them down a little bit and then spray paint to make them good as new with just a few dollars. You can even frame cute gift bags if you really like the pattern on one.

To prevent your gallery from being so flat, include more than just different sized frames. Look for cool wall figures like fabric letters or figurines. You can also print off a monthly calendar and hang it up on a clipboard for a brief monthly overview you can peak at any time you need it.

Also feel free to DIY your own art and display it on the wall. Ever wanted to make one of those cool melting crayon arts? Now is the time.


Check out this article for a more in depth how-to on making wall galleries. 

Play With Textures In Your Decor

Minimalistic can walk a tight line with boring. Keep this spiced up with different textures. If you’re going for a very minimal blacks, whites, and greys theme, experiment with pillows in different textures. Pile on the blankets that are thick and thin, fluffy and fuzzy. Have hard metal desk lamps and soft fake flowers sitting in a vase. Branch out and don’t be afraid to add your own touches to pieces to make it your own. Take a basic pillow sheet and splatter it with some paint for a unique and artsy look. It can even be a white pillow with black paint! You keep with the same color aesthetic while add dimension and interest.

You’ll Need A Few Desk Supplies Too

Don’t go overboard with desk supplies, but just get a few that you really like. Organizing my desk is one of my favorite things to do. I love to go for minimalistic supplies that won’t distract me too much since it’s my designated working area. There are a lot of great minimalistic supplies you can find at target, but if you don’t want to spend the money. Pick out a few cheaper options and paint them.

Paint mason jars with black, white or grey paint for a minimal look (make sure to sand them a little to roughen them up so the paint sticks better).

You can also wrap tape around your pencil ends and paint them for a cool desk look. Take an old metal paper organizer and spray paint it in a minimalistic color.

Just like the definition of minimalistic, you don’t need a lot of supplies sitting on your just. Just a few pieces to keep you organized.

Ever Tried Minimalistic School Supplies?

You should. It might be the greatest thing in school supplies history. The aesthetic of minimalistic gives a calming affect that is so necessary once the madness of school begins. continue that trend with your school supplies. There are a lot of great online brands that sell minimalistic school supplies, but they can get a big pricey.

A lot of planners have a clear plastic piece on the cover revealing a cool designed sheet underneath. Cut out a sheet of paper the same size and paint it with black or white paint. Then glue it carefully over the designed piece and you have a simple and chic planner.

For binders. Print out minimalistic prints and slip them into the clear covering on the front for a different and cool look.

Check out this video for more inspiration. 

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