Let’s me start off with a little dictionary description for you if you have never heard of or have any idea what “model off duty” even means. “Model Off Duty” (noun): a. the casual yet fashion forward look a model often wears on her days off; b. the effortless style a model styles for herself. Make sense? Models just seem to have this effortless, cool girl look that you and I could achieve as well. Taking inspiration from top model’s off duty looks, today I am share the essentials you need for achieving the model off duty look for yourself.

Essential #1: A Pair of Denim

The all American essential is a essential building block for this look. They can be skinny, flared, distress, shredded, cropped, high waisted, or anything in between. They can either be the statement piece by choosing a very trendy style (frayed hems, cropped, cut-out knees, etc.) in the traditional fabric or going more basic and pairing it with other trendy pieces.

Essential #2: A Leather Jacket

What would a girl be without a classic leather jacket? It is a staple for any kind of wardrobe, but especially for a model off duty look. It is a kind of statement piece that instantly makes a basic look more put together. The tough  and edgy vibe it gives is great for throwing over a t-shirt and jeans or a fitted dress.

Essential #3: A Plain White T

I would say plain white t-shirts make it into nearly half of all model off duty looks. People often doubt the versatility that a plain white t-shirt has. The key is to fiddle with it a little bit so it doesn’t just hang off your body. Do a light slight front tuck or tuck all the way around for high waisted pants or tie a little not to show a little skin. Each of these tricks adds more shape to the body and helps to accentuate the waist.

Essential #4: Plain White Sneakers

The model off duty look has a purpose of being more functional and comfortable than the typical look a model wears. Thus, tennis shoes are a must. Incredibly trend right now, models often wear classic shaped sneakers to take a break from their sky high heels. A pair of sneakers in a classic look are a great addition to any model off duty look.

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