People have very different opinions on whether you need to go to a fashion school or major in a fashion degree in order to be best prepared for entering that kind of industry. I have found there to a be a select number of places online to find quality information about the odds and ends of fashion and the industry. Today I will be sharing with you a few places to start.

Listen To A Podcast

I find podcasts to be one of the most reputable and informative places for learning about the industry. I recently came across this article that lists seven fashion podcasts you should listen to. Intrigued, I checked them out and started listening to a few podcasts called Girl Boss Radio. The founder of Nasty Gal is the host of the show, interviewing a number of inspiring women. I find it to be extremely informative for getting a raw look of these women’s lives as well as advice they have for other women. It focuses not only on fashion, but many other topics and inspiring women. I definitely recommend.

Watch A Documentary

Documentaries can be very informative and fun to watch. I watched an interesting documentary this month called Inside British Vogue. This past month, there was a lot of controversy with British Vogue after a shocking interview with former fashion director, Lucinda Chambers, was released (For more info, I came across this very informative video about the situation.).

Around the same time, I came across this documentary on Netflix. I thought it was a very interesting documentary that I felt brought a more real insight into the work behind the magazine. It showed the cut-throat nature vital to stay on top in this kind of industry. Overall, I felt more versed in the industry and lifestyle of the people who work in it. Definitely a good watch.

Search YouTube

What a blessed world we live in to have access to YouTube. There are a number of YouTubers who take the time to create quality content to inform people about fashion, the industry, and the news. It might take a little extra time to find someone who isn’t just sharing fashion inspiration or look books, but they are out there and they can be really great and informative.

One of my favorites is Sam Weir who has a series called “Fashion Conversation.” In this series, she discusses different important topics in the fashion industry, as well as giving advice.

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