Let’s take a moment and define what athleisure actually means. *types into Google “athleisure”*…*waits for response*… Alright, so Google says this…


*nountrademark in UK
casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

Athleisure can be done in so many different ways, so I am here to advise you on how to approach it.

Instagram: @sarahs_day

Let’s talk about the benefits first.

1. No new clothes are needed. You can just take what you have in your wardrobe already for working out and use it to your own athleisure ways.

2. It’s really easy to match things. Often times athleisure is focusing more on a monochromatic color pallet. This ads to the minimalistic look that athleisure goes for and can make coming up with outfits incredibly easy.

3. It is incredibly comfortable. Athleisure means wear your workout clothes, which should be some of the most comfortable clothes you own in your wardrobe. Kick of the high heels and scratchy knits and go for something a bit more comfy. It is an instantly cool-girl look for any casual day.

Instagram: @sarahs_day


Finding inspiration is a vital step for achieving this style. Athleisure is a relatively unconventional style that some may need guidance in. It’s all about mixing up your tight workout clothes with your loose ones in order to create a unique and balanced look. Look for the workout clothes that make you happy and see how you can layer them all together. One of my favorite inspirations for athleisure is @sarahs_day on Instagram. She is constantly rocking athleisure looks for mostly functional reasons because she is a fitness and health YouTuber, so she is constantly working out and talking about health. Her athleisure style is something she really embraces along with her boyfriend. You can find inspiration from both of them for your looks.

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