I started listening to podcasts regularly at the end of last summer during my long rungs in the scorching, end of summer heat. I was desperate for something to distract me better once I started upping my miles for my runs, and music just wasn’t distracting enough. Not only did I realize that podcasts could be incredibly distracting when I was thinking way too hard on how much longer I had to go, but I had discovered a new way of learning, which is something I really crave.

Once the school year started again and I had my running partner back to distract me, I started listening to them on my way to class every day and on walks to the coffee shop. It was my little escape from school life to just walk and listen to someone else talk for a while about topics I really loved.

After discovering a number of new and fun podcasts form the last year, I’ve decided to compile a list of a few of my favorites. This will be my first installment of this podcast series, and of course I decided to start with fashion podcasts. Check out each of the descriptions I have for them, and hopefully you will find a couple to add to your library!

The Business of Fashion Podcast

The Business of Fashion is an fashion news website that covers just that, the BUSINESS side of fashion. This company recognizes that fashion is more than just clothes, but that it trickles into a number of other industries and realms of discussion.

They cover a number of important topics in the fashion industry, like why designers aren’t designing products for people with physical disabilities, what biofabrication is, and aging consumers.

What I enjoy about this podcast is how much I learn from each topic within the fashion industry, especially topics that I have never considered before. They feature interviews with a number of phenomenal people who I love to hear talk about things that matter to them.

Their episodes range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, but typically on the longer end of that scale. I find them great for my workouts that last about that length.

Girlboss Radio

This podcast was one of the first podcasts related to fashion that I ever listened to and really loved because of how genuinely interesting all of the interviews with great women in the industry were.

Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, is the host of this podcast. She interviews inspiring entrepreneurs and other successful women in the fashion industry.  You really get a glimpse into how these successful women got to where they were by understanding their roots and their values behind their success.

I find this podcast to be a great push of motivation for my self in my own career endeavors and a great way to hear how grounded a number of these women are. I love hearing about how these women started in similar points of life as to where I am now and to understand how they got to where they are now.

These podcasts are on the longer side, typically over an hour long, so I think they are great for my longer runs or car rides.

Vogue Podcast

I’ve been reading Vogue magazine for quite a while now, loving their interviews with iconic people, as well as a number of their other pieces.  In an effort to attract us millennial, they now have a podcast narrator by none other than Andre Leon.

The well known former editor-at-large of Vogue is the host of this podcast, with a lovely voice you just can’t resist on your commute.

This podcast covers a number of different topics from news to unique topics and trends related to fashion. It is an extension of the vogue community in an easily accessible way (and it’s free!).

Pop Fashion

This is such a great, down to earth podcast that I love. It’s a little different than the first few mentioned because it is a fashion stylist and a former vintage-store owner discussing different topics together.

With this less interview-based style, it just seems like you are listening to two good friends talking about anything and everything. Also, because these two women may not be house-hold names, it feels easier to connect with them and the advice they are giving.

Their focus for the podcast is on business and creativity in the fashion industry, as well as answering listener questions. I love how engaging they can be with the audience and also their unique perspective on things.

Though the two women are fashion focused, a number of the things they talk about don’t apply only to those in the fashion industry.

They do really wonderful podcasts that are both entertaining and insightful.

So that is just a few of my favorite podcasts. Stay tuned for more of my favorites, and make sure to comment bellow what your favorite fashion podcasts are. 

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