I really love dressing up a little bit and going out with friends to get a few drinks. However, during the summer, comfort is definitely key. I like to go for something light-weight so that I don’t sweat as I walk around and definitely comfortable, but I still want to look trendy and cute.

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Dresses are always what I turn to during the summer time. Whether it’s during the day or evening, they just make the most sense to me during the summer because you can get so much more air flow and you don’t have to worry about matching pieces together.

I struggle a little bit when it comes to dressing for the summer months because I love layers, but living in the mid-west means you want as few layers as possible. A dress is an easy and cute alternative.

Today we are going to be talking about one of my favorite looks for summer evenings featuring my go-to t-shirt dress.

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Now I know that instantly you are probably wondering how I can dress up a t-shirt dress, but that is the joy of a t-shirt dress. You can wear it during the day with a pair of sneakers for a casual day look or at night you can dress it up with some heals.


I picked up this dress from Forever 21 earlier this year, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I love my neutrals, so it has been a great option to wear year around, including the summer time. I love the speckled grey fabric that makes it just  a little bit more sophisticated than t-shirt material.

It is also slightly more fitted than most t-shirt dress, which I prefer. Sometimes I will pair some jewelry with this dress to glam it up, but today I just went for a minimalist look and paired it with some heals.

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I feel like every woman needs a pair of nude heeled sandals for the summer. I picked these up from Target last year. The wearing-in process was a bit rough, leading to a few nasty blisters on my ankles, but I can now just swipe a little bit of Vasalline around my ankles, and I will be good to go all evening.

Since I go for a darker color pallet with the dress, these shoes give a little reminder for the summer. They are great for showing off a cute pedicure too!

What I really love about these shoes is how easy they are to wear. The nude color makes them perfect with just about any spring or summer look I put on. The heel is also a perfectly comfortable height that is perfect for walking around at night.

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Trust me, I am that girl who wears the four inch heels on occasion, but these are a phenomenal every day shoe that I could real see being a stable in any woman’s wardrobe.

Pairing these nude heels with the casual dress definitely elevates it just enough for the evening, but it is still incredibly comfortable.

When I go for this casual evening look, I really love to keep my hair natural. My hair is definitely a statement piece to my look in its natural state, with the big curls that just get bigger throughout the night.

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Before going out, I will make sure to get my hair wet, and then I will run a little bit of hair oil through it to attempt to keep the frizz at bay. Then I just let it air dry through the night.

When it comes to makeup for my evening looks, I really just like to focus on my best features and do something simple. I have pretty thick brows to start out with, so I like to add a bit of powder to them to help shape and beef them up a little bit. Since my hair is super wild and curly, I can get away with thicker brows that will easily complement the look.

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That’s my whole look right there. Super simple, easy, and comfortable while keeping it chic and on trend.

What are your favorite pieces to wear on a night out? Comment bellow! 

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