This weekend I was in southern Indiana visiting my grandparents. As with most trips, long or short, I do significantly more reading during the travel time. I spent the weekend reading two things on my reading list. First, I plowed through another chapter of my current read, A Tail of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (one of my favorite authors of all time)

Another read I had during the weekend was the December 2017 issue of Vogue. I am clearly a bit behind on my Vogue subscription, but I don’t mind all that much. I giggle to myself when I tell my friends that I actually read it for the articles, a funny saying used on television to make fun of people who read magazines. It is quite true, though. The writers for Vogue are phenomenal, but I guess I wouldn’t expect any less.

I cannot ignore the phenomenal photographs of fashion in this magazine too. Since it had been a while since I’d flipped through a Vogue magazine (the last time was on my flight home from Paris this past winter, actually), it gave me a little push of inspiration I needed.

When I started at university three years ago (hard to believe it’s been that long, now), I was thrilled at the idea of putting aside my uniform I had so proudly worn for the past thirteen years and truly take advantage of style and fashion. However, what I have come to realize is my lack of dedication to my style recently. I throw on what’s comfy instead of focusing on an art form I so longingly wanted to experiment with since I was a little girl.

After some inspiration from the one and only magazine, I’ve made a goal to push myself a little harder with my style and daily outfits. I know that coming up with new looks and different ways of putting pieces together makes me happy, so I’m committing to putting in more of an effort for that and to feel good about the way I style pieces because it is such a creative platform that I have failed to keep in touch with.


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St. Louis, MO

I woke up this morning (or afternoon might be a more accurate word) wanting to put something cool together to wear for the day. After slipping into my trusty mom jeans I hadn’t seen since early April and winter shoe staple, I realized what a perfect outfit this would have been for the baseball game I went to yesterday (see picture above).

So today’s post will include a little inspiration that will hopefully help you if you are in a style rut.

A Summer Denim

Let’s start with the blue jeans.  Here in the mid-west, the summer weather is anything but pleasant in long pants. However, these jeans are my love, and I don’t want to just commit them to the colder months. While sitting at the baseball game yesterday in a t-shirt dress (featured in one of my previous posts, just styled a little more casual), I realized a dress just wasn’t the right choice for sitting all afternoon in the sun. Sure it was great for allowing air flow while walking around during the summer, but it wasn’t the best for sitting all day long with little air flow in the stands.

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I realized that jeans would have actually been a better choice (and would have left my thighs a little less burnt) for a baseball game. What’s great about these jeans is that you can roll them up a couple of times and the holes in the knees (often a little higher than my knees because of my long legs) can make them much more appropriate for the summer. I picked these up from Forever 21, but I would really just recommend going to a thrift store and cutting up a pair of jeans for just a few dollars. You can still get the same look, just for a lot cheaper.

As I sit outside in the sun, I am reassured that I won’t slide off my seat and that I am protecting my legs from the sun. At any summer sports event, it’s hard to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, but this is one way to protect yourself (just put a little sunscreen on the exposed skin from the holes!).

A Basic Tank (or Bodysuit)

I decided to make the denim the staple “color” piece of the look, so I just paired it with a light weight tank top from Target. Tank tops are much cooler than any kind of sleeve on a hot afternoon. At the game I went to yesterday, I ended up rolling up the sleeves on my dress because I got so hot, so we can just skip that step by wearing a tank top. I also thought that pairing a simple bodysuit would be a great option too. This way you don’t have to worry about keeping your top tucked into your jeans. I don’t have one, so I made a tank top work.

I also decided to keep the top pretty minimalistic because it allows you to be able to throw on a baseball jersey over the top. This makes the look applicable to a number of different sports fans. (I decided not to photograph my Cardinals jersey because I know way too many Cubs fans!) You can also just tie the jersey around your waist if it gets too hot.

The Loafers

Because this was such a basic look at this point, I wanted to jazz it up with something a little more trendy. Shuffling through my flats, I came across my beloved Target backless loafers (or “pilgrim shoes,” as my friends like to call them). Love them or hate them, I can’t get enough of them. They had been hidden away for a couple months now that the weather was warmer and my sandals were taking center stage, but I missed them dearly. Slipping on these shoes, I knew they were perfect for a baseball game for a number of reasons.

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First, they are functional. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and perfect for wearing all afternoon. I am also that person who ends up with her shoes off 9/10 because I like to be barefoot. If your feet get sweaty or you just can’t be bother to wear shoes anymore while sweating in your seat, you can easily slip them off and kick your feet up on the seat (if no one is sitting right in front of you, of course). This was an important factor for me, so having this versatility was a great discovery.

Second, these shoes were the perfect touch of fashion that the look needed. Though my tank and jeans were on the trendier side, these shoes definitely added a boost of trend that the look needed. You never want to go overboard for sporting events, but this is how I kept the look more me.

The Shades

You can’t forget a good pair of sunglasses. Absolutely necessary when you realize you will be facing the sun all afternoon, I finished the look off with a pair of black shades. Keeping with the trendy accents of black, I went for these shades because the shape is a little different with the perfectly straight, horizontal bar along the top. They are also quite dark sunglasses, which are perfect for spending the day in the sun.

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Make sure to pack some sunscreen in your bag so you don’t end up with lobster arms the next day and you are all set for a baseball game!

How do you like to dress for summer sports watching? Comment your essentials bellow!  

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