I don’t like to spend a whole lot of money on clothes. The financial burden of a four year private school has a tight hold on my wallet, making me much more conscious of my clothing budget. I can’t just take a trip to Target a couple times a week and walk out with a bag full of clothes.

This necessary mindset has driven myself to think more deeply about the clothing I buy and own. I tend to frequent myself more at resale boutiques and other second-hand stores. This also has produced a challenge of working with what I have. However much I don’t seem to like it, I am thankful for the challenge it has given me to style my clothes in different ways to create dozens of looks out of just a couple of pieces.

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I was browsing through Forever 21 when I came across this beautiful button down shirt dress. The menswear vibe it gave completely struck me. I also knew that the piece would add a bit of much needed color in my wardrobe. After trying the piece on in the dressing room, I realized you could tie the sleeve-belt in the front or the back.

Now months later, I have come to love this little number. I can easily tie it in the front if I have a backpack over my shoulder or I can tie it in the back to make it look more like a cute mini-dress. This piece has also helped me return to a number of other men’s wear inspired pieces in my wardrobe and the possibilities I might have with looking through the men’s section in Goodwill.

I realized that my clothing choices shouldn’t just be limited to the designer or society’s view of what is men’s fashion and what is women’s.  There are so many more options when you look through the entire store and not just the women’s section. It is a great way to experiment with the over-sized trend. Challenge yourself to grab a few pieces you might like and think about how you can style them. Bellow I have a list of a few pieces that women can find in the men’s section if the women’s section has failed you.


I don’t know why it is always the case, but men’s flannels tend to be much thicker and softer than women’s. Trying to ignore the sexism in that sense, I love to look for flannels in the men’s section at Goodwill. Most of the time I prefer an over-sized flannel, so it works well.

Dress Shirts

Continuing on with button-ups, dress shirts can be a great piece to work with. Like my featured dress, button ups can very easily be crafted into cute dresses. Buy the biggest size they have and then wrap a belt around your waist to show of your curve. You can even wear it has an off the shoulder dress or a sleeveless dress with the sleeves wrapped around your waist like a belt. The possibilities are your creative pasture.

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There is nothing quite like a cool band t-shirt too. There are also a lot of ways you can cut them up to make them more edgy or cool. I’ve found my favorite t-shirts in the men’s section of Goodwill, so don’t be afraid to take a swipe through and pick up a couple.


Over-sized sweatshirts are another great option. I love the look of an over-sized sweatshirt as a dress on women. The baggy look with a girly pair of shoes is a fun look for any occasion. I always find that there are way more sweatshirts in the men’s sections too. You can also wear a simple pair of shorts with a baggy sweatshirt if you’re scared to show your underwear. You can still get a similar look paired with sneakers or heels.

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