This past week, I have been listening to a number of Podcasts about sustainable clothing brands and lifestyles. In particular, I listened to “The Glossy Podcast” in which a sustainable brand founder was interviewed about her brand. She mentioned a number of different techniques that the brand was using to continue to become more sustainable and less wasteful and harmful to the environment. This was a brand vision from the start that has lasted for nearly 20 years, now being joined by a number of other brands beginning to branch into sustainable fashion as it becomes a kind of trend.

In listening to this podcast, I formed a conclusive opinion that the brand founder seemed to be pushing. It was the idea that consumer should be, well…consuming less. Her brand focuses heavily on their basic and timeless pieces. Though they want to be a profitable business, she believes that what they are really striving for is to encourage their costumers to purchase pieces that won’t end up in landfills after a year but will last in their closets for a number of years. Sustainable and basic doesn’t mean boring though. Basics in a wardrobe are the constants that cant match well with a number of things, but they can still be very chic and stylish.

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When most people think about sustainable fashion, they often focus on the role of the producer to create products in a non-harmful way. However, what many fail to realize is their own role in the sustainability movement. Every person has a responsibility to look at their own closets and make an effort to purchase items meaningfully so that they won’t go to waist. They also have a role to embrace the world of re-sale and vintage clothing. Consumers must recognize that it isn’t about the number of blouses hanging up in your wardrobe but the quality and versatility of those pieces.

I’ve been watching fashion and beauty gurus on YouTube for as long as YouTube has been around. One particular user I have been following for at least ten years now. I remember when I first started watching her videos, I didn’t know what subscribing to a person meant, so I had her name written down on a piece of paper, and I would pull it out and type in her screen name, Kailee McKenzie, into YouTube’s search bar every day in search of different videos she created.

She is definitely not the same person she was when she first started YouTube, but her current philosophy on fashion has intrigued me. After creating a line of clothing (with a local New York base and an effort towards sustainability) with her boyfriend, she decided to pull up her roots in New York City and travel around the world. In doing so, she was forced to narrow down her wardrobe into a single suitcase.

Her approach to fashion as more of an investment in particular pieces and the idea of the re-sale market always in the back of her mind when she purchases pieces is something I had never really considered before, but I very much appreciate learning about. She has a unique style, and with only a few pieces in her wardrobe she still looks incredibly chic and stylish in everything she wears.

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I know there is a stigma of wearing the same thing every day, but I think there is a upside to this way of life in repeating your clothing. Items can always be accessorized in unique ways or styled different so that each look is individual even if it is made up of the same pieces.

This is something I have tried to focus more on in pieces that purchase and the clothes in my closet. I want to challenge myself to wear my same clothes in unique ways. There are a number of pieces in my closet I really love, and there shouldn’t be a stigma standing in the way of my wearing them. Instead of reaching for every cute top I find at Target, I think about what I have already in my closet and what small touches or accessories I can add in order to make them unique and stylish.

Coming to a close with this blog post, I’m realizing what a mish-mash of information it really is. It sounds a bit like elegant word vomit, but I am choosing to keep it as such and hoping that you take what I have said and see your closet and the world of fashion in a slightly different way. In a way that reminds you that fashion isn’t about consumption, but about art, style, and personality.

tank: Target
jacket: Target
jeans: Forever 21
shoes: Nine West

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3 replies on “A Few Thoughts On The Consumer’s Role In Sustainable Fashion

  1. Thanks for the tip, I just had a look at Kailee’s youtube. It is always good to get other peoples recommendations of channels to watch. So cute you have been a fan for so long.
    I definitely agree with more conscious buying and re-wearing clothes. I love the challenge to rewear clothes in different ways.

    Great read. Love Lottie xx

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