Instagram was the first social media platform I ever got, followed swiftly by Twitter and then Facebook, but it is one of my favorite places to find inspiration. I have a little break-down for the social media platforms I have, and here’s how it looks. Twitter is for the extremely relatable scenarios and hilarious Twitter trends. Facebook is for getting hours deep in Vine compilation videos and keeping tabs on high school friends you never see. Snapchat is for being nosy about your friends’ lives. Finally, Instagram is for finding creative inspiration and getting advice from my favorite content creators.

I think Instagram is a bit different from the other social platforms, and it’s really where I can learn so much from people I’ve never met before. I love discovering new fitness accounts that remind me how un-filling a McDonald’s hamburger is, beautiful cities I hope to visit one day, ab workouts to try out the next day, styling tips, product recommendations, and new photography techniques that bring me back to a photography class I took a few semesters back. It’s a real hodge-podge of creativity that I really can’t get enough of. I wanted to round up a few of my favorites in case you were itching for a few new people to follow.


Like a number of people I follow on Instagram, I first discovered Anna YouTube. Enthralled by her minimal yet manageable lifestyle, it was an easy choice to click the follow button on her Instagram profile. Anna is a person I look up to in a number of ways. She started out as a writer, which is an immediate plus in my book. She also has a minimalist style that is always encouraging me to narrow down my wardrobe into the small collection she has and really work on styling a few pieces in a lot of ways. I really love to follow her Instagram because she is always talking about her blog on her Instagram story. It’s an easy way for me to get updated on her new blog posts and have a read through the. There is this genuine feeling that I get from all of the content she creates and shares that really pulls me in. I always can’t wait for another post from her.

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This Ausie is the health and fitness inspiration I so desperately needed in my life. Aside from having entertaining and inspiring vlogs on her YouTube channel, Sarah also shares great content on her Instagram profile. She’s always cooking up new recipes that looking incredibly beautiful and delicious. She also loves to post about her dog, her new apartment, and whenever she heads to the gym. One unique factor I like I about her is her Instagram captions. Unlike most Instagramers, her captions are incredibly long and well thought out, personal dialogues with her followers. I feel like I’m reading a story every time she posts, which as a writer I LOVE. Her love for life and positivity is such a breath of fresh air on my feed.

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Emma is a new follow for me after finding her on my explore page (the most addictive page of Instagram ever!). Emma is a blogger from Vancouver who posts street style photos daily. I am absolutely obsessed with her style! She puts together stunning looks that are actually very easy to achieve. I can see myself wearing almost all of her looks because they are all relatively casual, just a little more done-up than your average look. I love seeing the different ways she styles pieces as well as the new places she travels too. She recently took photos in front of the Arc de Triomphe, and I died a little inside because it is one of my favorite places in the world. If you just need a daily dose of outfit ideas, she’s your girl.

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Another YouTuber I started following on Instagram, Drew is someone I really love finding inspiration from. Not only is her a professional photography, he also has a cool, chic sense of style for himself. I can really get a lot of inspiration from his unique camera skills as well as his styled pieces. He posts every day with new looks I love having on my feed. He has a really cool style and her really takes risks with his looks. It encourages me to do the same with my own looks with the trendy pieces he picks up regularly.

List your favorite Instagramers bellow so I have more to follow! Also, make sure you are subscribed to my email list so you get a nice little notification every time I post. Might as well follow me on Instagram too @mollysteckler 

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