I’m a relatively picky person when it comes to clothing. I seriously consider the fabric, feel, fit, and look of every piece I try on before dropping it into my shopping bag. I also try to go outside of my comfort zone as often as I can with the pieces I purchase in order to challenge myself to find a new style or trend to love.

This summer, I have picked up a few pieces to add to my wardrobe (and will be filtering through the clothes I already have in order to make room for these items). Laying out all of the pieces that I have featured in this post, I believe I have purchased all of the clothes I need for the rest of the summer. Though I’m not completely satisfied with my wardrobe and I will probably pick up at least one or two summer dresses, I believe the pieces I have picked up are quite versatile and are all I really need to make my wardrobe feel a little new.

Today I will be sharing these pieces with you and why I decided to pick them up for this summer. Most of them are a little trendy, but I can still see myself wearing them for a few years because they have a more classic base to them.

Tie-Front Charcoal Blouse

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I had mentioned in one of my previous articles about purchasing clothes that have versatility to them (click here to read). That was the first thing I thought of when I pulled this piece from the rack at Target. The tie around the waist is extremely long, so it allows you to tie it in a number of different ways. Though it might not be the most summer-appropriate color, I still feel I can wear it with other summery pieces because of the lightweight fabric. I also know that I can easily bring it into the fall as well by just throwing on a jacket over it. I think that the largeness of the bow also gives it a more exaggerated look, like you would see on runways or in street-wear. It makes the simple blouse more modern and cute.

Blouse: Target

Wrap Tank

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Within the last few years, my style has changed a bit to focusing more on blacks and neutrals with classic pieces and modern accessories. This piece felt like a bit of a turn in a different direction towards girly and dainty, and I don’t mind at all. I picked it out because I thought that it was a lot different from the many other tops in my wardrobe.

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I also found that the wrap style into a tie in the front was that bit of modern touch that the piece needed. I love the light blue/green tint it has, making it a little different but still able to pass as neutral. The fabric of this piece is also incredibly soft and comfortable. I also assumed that for functionality purposes, a tank top would be a much needed and worn piece during the summer.

Tank: Target

Patterned Peplum Tank

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What would a clothing haul be without a thrift find to add to the stack? I found this piece at the Plato’s Closet resale shop in Indianapolis. It was originally from Forever 21, but I was able to pick it up for only $6. I featured this tank in another post (click here to read), but I wanted to mention it again because it was one piece I decided to pick up for this summer. As mentioned in that post, I really like this piece because it is incredibly stretchy and comfortable. Peplum style shirts can be quite a hit or miss for me because the band around the stomach is often scratchy, but I have no discomfort with this tank. It has more of that girly vibe with the picnic blanket-style pattern. The detail in the ruffling is a great contrast to many of the other pieces in my wardrobe, and it is a must for hot summer days.

Tank: thrifted (Forever 21)

White Cropped Jeans

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I’ve been hesitant about picking up a pair of white jeans for a few years now.  I’ve always liked them on other people, but I never felt I could see myself wearing a pair. That was until I came across this pair at Target. What’s unique about these jeans is that they are cropped a few inches above the ankle with a frayed hem line. I always thought the frayed hem was a unique style, and I think it goes perfectly with these pants. They are a great summer denim for when it’s a little bit cooler, and I love having the option of a white denim to brighten up my looks. I was recently watching a men’s fashion vlogger on YouTube, and he picked up a similar pair of pants to these. He decided to style them with  a pair of boots, which I think is a really interesting and cool look. The extremely cropped look is great for showing off any shoes from boots to loafers.

Jeans: Target

What has been your favorite summer pick-up? Comment bellow! 

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