There is nothing quite like the delightful feeling of coming home from a store with a new bag in your hand and a sweater or shirt or jeans folded up inside. Your wallet feels a little lighter, but the joy of picking up a piece you really love and being able to slip it into your wardrobe makes it worth it.

With this culture of fast-fashion taking over the industry, clothing seems to swap in and out of our closets faster than we can wear them. Why should we only wear that sweater we just brought home from the store or just received in the mail a few times before it looses its shape or gets buried in the back of our closets?

For today’s post, I will be filling you in on a few tricks that will help your favorite clothing pieces last much longer. The care doesn’t stop when we pull the item off the rack. These tips can easily be incorporated into your routines so that those shoes you you love so much will last you several years instead of just several months.

These techniques will help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle when it comes to the clothes you buy.

Before you purchase…

There are a few things to consider before purchasing pieces in order to ensure that they last longer in your closet. It might just be worth it to spend a little extra money on a wool sweater if you know you are going to wear it consistently for several years. A basic cotton or nylon sweater might only last one season in your closet before it begins to fall apart. Not everyone has the budget to buy high quality in all of their clothing choices, but it might be beneficial to focus on just a few basics. For example, for items like jeans, running shoes, and coats, I will spend a little extra because I know that they will last much longer and won’t go out of style. For more trendier pieces, I go the cheaper rout. Try whatever options works for you, but really consider the quality of each of the pieces you buy and what you are willing to spend on wardrobe staples.

Though piling up your clothes on the corner of your chair might be the easiest thing for you to do at the end of the night, it isn’t the best for your clothes. Even the way you store your clothes can make a difference in how long they last.

Fold Your Sweaters and T-Shirts

I have been using this trick for several years now, and I have seen a huge difference in the lasting power of my tops. Though it might be more convenient to hang your sweaters up, it can actually stretch out the necks of cotton, wool, and many other fabrics of sweaters and t-shirts. Instead, fold them neatly in a stack on a shelf. If you have limited shelving space, consider placing them on top of floor storage bins in your closet or even pick up one of those hanging storage bins that you can easily organize your pieces into.

Don’t Over-Wash

It is so easy for many people to just toss their clothes into a laundry bin at the end of the day for a wash, but it can actually be damaging your clothes. Many items in your closet don’t need to be washed as often as you think, especially tougher fabrics like jeans (make sure to wash them inside out so they don’t fade as quickly!). Before throwing your clothes into the hamper each night, give them a good inspection to see if you have any stains or curious smells. If so, wash away. If they don’t, fold them up and place them back in your closet. Washing your clothes too often can really tear down your clothes very quickly, especially more delicate materials.

Air-Dry As Often As You Can

You might be diligent about air-drying your intimates every time you wash them, but what about other clothes? The roughest part of the washing process is actually your driers. The extreme heat and tossing around can be quite rough on a number of different materials. Run to the store and pick up simple clothes rack you can set up in your house. Try to air-dry as many of your clothes as possible in order to make them last longer. If wrinkles are a concern, just slip your clothing rack into the bathroom before you take a warm shower and the wrinkles will diminish during your shower.

Learn A Few Basic Repairs

With the items you have in your closet, it may be worth it to learn a few repair skills so that when a zipper breaks or a button flies off, you aren’t forced to donate them or get rid of them immediately. Often times, items just hang around in our closet unused because of a minor issue that you meant to take to the seamstress several months ago to fix. YouTube is your best bet for these kinds of things, so spend an afternoon looking up clothing repair videos so that you are prepared.

Prevent The Yellow Pit Stain

We all know that unfortunate time when you begin to see a yellow stain peaking in at the pits of your shirts, and nobody really knows why they happen. One of the main culprits is actually your deodorant. I’m not saying don’t wear deodorant. Next time after you put deodorant on in the morning, give it a couple minutes so that it has completely dried before putting on a white shirt. The aluminium that is in most deodorants is actually what causes this yellow stain, so give it some time to dry before exposing your clothing.

Give Your Shoes A Little TLC

A lot of people are quite careless when it comes to shoe care. We will quickly toss our clothes into the washer to keep them clean, but shoes aren’t really touched. When you first buy new shoes (especially boots), consider giving them a good spritz with waterproof protector. Your UGGs and other winter boots will thank you later. Also, after you have warn your shoes for the day, sit them outside of your closet after you wear them for a couple hours so that they have time to dry before being stored away. Lastly, make sure to give the inside of your shoes a good wipe down with alcohol or tea tree oil on a cotton swab  ever so often (especially the shoes you don’t wear socks with like sandals and flats).

How do you keep your clothes looking fresh? Comment bellow your best clothing care hacks!

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