This has definitely been the summer of podcasts for me. They are my go-to distraction while running, and you all know I’ve been doing a lot of that this summer. Compared to the dainty list of podcasts I subscribed to at the beginning of the summer, I now have a bigger and badder list. They all don’t really have a single focus, but rather encompass all of my passions for learning with the topics I cover. There is a reason I commit so much money every year to my education. I love it, and I think it really matters.

Today I will be covering a few podcasts I listen to on my daily runs that not only keep me distracted when it’s brutally hot outside and I just don’t have the patience to think about what I’m doing. Keep in mind, you don’t just have to listen to these podcasts while you workout. They are great while walking to class, commuting to work, or just zoning out on a swing outside (one of my personal favorites).

TED Radio Hour (NPR)

I’ve been listening to NPR (National Public Radio) for my entire life. My parents played it on the radio on every drive to and from school when I was little, so I’m quite familiar. Last summer during lunch breaks of my internships, I would listen to NPR when the other intern wasn’t there. The TED Radio Hour would always be on, so I got hooked. Then when I was looking for new podcasts to listen to this summer, I cam across the TED Radio Hour podcast and was thrilled. The topics pretty much cover absolutely anything. As Guy explains it, it’s TED talks made for radio. They are usually focused on a single theme and include clips from several TED talks and interviews with multiple people. It’s like he is telling you a story, which is why I think I like it most. I always come from it feeling so informed on something I may have never really thought about. 10/10 recommend this one for absolutely anyone who wants to keep learning in life.

The Glossy

Now we are moving on to a podcast that has a little bit more of a specific focus to it. This podcast consists of interviews about “how technology is transforming the fashion, luxury and beauty industries with the people making change happen in the space.” There are a number of very successful entrepreneurs who come on this podcast to talk about how they started their brands and important issues that producers and consumers face within the industry. Even though it has a fashion and beauty focus to it, I think anyone who is curious about business would really enjoy listening to this podcast. I feel like I really learn a lot about business and their philosophies through this podcast, and at thirty minutes each, it’s a good length.

The Second Life

I just recently discovered this podcast after seeing someone post about it on Instagram. The whole idea behind this podcast is that she interviews women who began their work life in one job but, like the title says, left that to do something different. I find this to be a very relatable podcast because each interview begins with them finishing school, whether it is university or high school, and they spend some time talking about their very first jobs. As someone who is about to begin her last year of university, it helps hearing how women got from A to Z in their lives and didn’t just start off their careers with a bang. I highly recommend this one to hear about the stories of some women who decided to take a leap of faith in their careers.

The Health Code

This podcast is actually hosted by a YouTuber and her boyfriend who’s vlogs I follow. She is a health and fitness YouTuber, and this podcast has a similar focus, also extending to relationship and career advice. They just started their podcast and aren’t as consistent as some of the other podcasts I have mentioned, but I absolutely love them. I feel like I learn so much from each of their podcasts, and the two talk super casually, making you feeling like you’re in a conversation with friends.

What are your current favorite podcasts? Comment them bellow so that I have more to look for!

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